Deathwing | Neltharion - World of warcraft fan art.
Joao paulo lacerda edit 1 3

Final image

Real time viewer

Here I show the sculpting, rigging and posing of my newest personal project, Deathwing. I decided not to delete the mistaskes, and there are lots of them. Anyway, hope you like it :)

Joao paulo lacerda edit 3

Another composition test

Joao paulo lacerda sculpting

Sculpting the head

Joao paulo lacerda sculpting3

sculpting and first attempt of the scene composition that was later given up

Joao paulo lacerda texturing

Texturing print

Deathwing | Neltharion - World of warcraft fan art.

Uma nova versão de uma arte antiga com video em timelapse do processo.
A new version of an old artwork, this time with a timelapse video showing part of the process.

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