Helena, former Black Scythe mecha pilot.
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Joao paulo lacerda gun nidhogg

Pistol based on Bruno Pinheiro's gun designs from project Nidhogg.

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Clay rendering

Helena, former Black Scythe mecha pilot.

Helena used to work for a military organization known as the Black Scythe, which acted as a tool of mass destruction for the most sordid motives of the government, tired of all that innocent bloodshed by the most selfish motives, she decided to defect and took her mecha with he. Now she lives her life as a vigilante while hiding from the Black Scythe, battling their agents in the shadows, preparing for a bigger attack.

Personal project of the last weeks, just for fun... I really enjoyed working in this piece, and it was tough, full of hard times and still could use a lot more work. The gun Helena is holding was based in one of Bruno Pinheiro's designs for his project Nidhogg, which you can chek out in this link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/K5B0o

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