Kate - A brilliant engineer | Black Scythe universe
Joao paulo lacerda final 1

Had a lot of fun with the composition for this scene :) VFX \o/

Joao paulo lacerda final 2

Why not? haha :p

Kate - Brilliant engineer! Sketchfab 3D viewer - Not sure yet about the hair color :p

Joao paulo lacerda print

Trying new ways of making hair

Joao paulo lacerda print2
Joao paulo lacerda final 3
Joao paulo lacerda screenshot008

She seems a little cross-eyed

Joao paulo lacerda screenshot006


Joao paulo lacerda screenshot007


Joao paulo lacerda screenshot003

Front Posed

Joao paulo lacerda screenshot004

Back Posed

Kate - A brilliant engineer | Black Scythe universe

Kate was raised to be a genius of engineering and robotics, locked away from the society as an experiment, same thing happenned to her mother, who was a Black Schythe's cientist but was killed by treason when she tryied to save her daughter from the same destiny she had. Kate then flees and on a phone that her mother left, she calls the only number on the agenda and ends up talking to Helena, her mother's old friend and a deserter agent of the Black Scythe.

Lot of fun in this job that was supposed to be a very fast artwork study at the begining, turned out like this and became a new character in the story. Hope you like it!

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