Johanna, the crusader |Fanart - Blizzard games
Joao paulo lacerda final

Final result, rendered in 2 hours by Rendergrid, 8000 samples. 4000x3000 resolution.

Johanna, the crusader |Fanart - Blizzard games

Joao paulo lacerda maps

A mix of some of the maps

Joao paulo lacerda joh 004

Cloth and body sculpt, high and low resolution with multires modifier.

Joao paulo lacerda joh 005

It was very nice and fun to play with all of those hair systens, but I ended up getting a very nice result.

Joao paulo lacerda joh 001
Joao paulo lacerda joh 007

Textures painted in substance painter

Joao paulo lacerda joh 006

head sculpt

Joao paulo lacerda joh 002

armor was modelled piece by piece

Joao paulo lacerda joh 003

shield was sculpted and then retopologized.

Johanna, the crusader |Fanart - Blizzard games

A personal job I've been working on the spare time, this one really took a long way but I loved the results! As always, lots of small things that could have been done better but I decided it was time to post this one so that I can start the next! :)

Nice to mention that, apart from the skin, all materials don't use UVs, for that approach I had to go with Cycles instead of using Marmoset.
New updated version:

More artwork
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