Cyclops bust + Timelapse
Joao silva img 20190219 003728 452
Joao silva ogre 002
Joao silva matcap

Timelapse part 1, sculpting and UV unwrapping.

Joao silva downlox 20190219 000036

Some more sculpting done this last weekend just for practicing, no video unfortunately, hope u like it anyway :)

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Joao silva downlox 20190219 000056
Joao silva downlox 20190219 000053
Joao silva downlox 20190219 000051
Joao silva screen
Cyclops bust + Timelapse

I made this to be a quick project and to create some more content for my youtube, thing is that I always get stuck on the video editing part, cause is boring, and end up taking a lot of time before posting the 'quick' project. Anyway, I took some time this weekend to rework a bit the actual piece, added details in the mesh and in the textures, composited it and there u go, hope you enjoy! Part 2 of the video coming soon!

More artwork
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