Joao silva edit finalo

Final version with Photoshop composition.

Joao silva rob 010001

Raw ish render

Recharging batteries, Scifi scene presentation - blender 2.8

Joao silva face

Close up face

Joao silva internet

From an older viewpoint

Joao silva stratus 10

Character separated from the scene

Joao silva untitled

One of the assets


My first Scifi scene in a long time :D
Lately I've been wanting to make something a bit more detailed, used a lot of my free time for this. just to push myself a bit more, and one of the biggest challenges here was actually managing myself, keeping me motivated and trying all the possibilities before giving up or even deciding anything... that's harder than looks. Hope you like it!

More artwork
Joao silva img 1Joao silva screenshot001Joao silva scifi face 002