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Valerie - Character


Valerie is the latest character I made, and it was originally created to showcase the "Realistic hand painted eyes" product, which you can also find on my store page. 

-It contains one of the eyes from that package already setup with shaders for cycles render which you can use freely in any way you prefer.  

-Added second color scheme with clean skin textures (Without dirt and blood).

The body is skinned and binded, but no facial setup for the rigging, also clothes and some parts of the model are not skinned nor binded to the rig. 

You can use every part of it as you prefer.

This is meant for anyone who wants to take a look inside the project and or is trying to achieve a level of quality similar to this for still renders, it was not done for animation though some parts of it can be easily animated and the body can be used for anatomy studies as well, it has some nice details sculpted by hand. It took a crazy amount of effort to make this character and achieve this quality, hope you enjoy it :) 

It contains shaders and hand painted PBR textures setup for cycles that might also work with Eevee, done in Blender 2.8.

Feel free to check my portfolio: 

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